Tuesday, August 31, 2010

31 Days of Reflection

33 posts in 31 days. Not bad. Not that I was necessarily trying to set a record, but rather attempting to dedicate a little time to myself within this space. Mission accomplished. I've managed to stop in here, if not once a day, multiple times a day to unload my mind - to reflect on the day's events. Its been a pretty eventful August. I made some decisions, and got some results. I'm keeping with that. I'm still on the grind, still hustlin' - side and otherwise.


  1. INSPIRED! Just as I find myself pulling away from my writing, I am energized by your declaration of yours as a source of rejuvination! Clearly I have some reading to do!

  2. This blog both allows me to and saves me from saying things I need/want to say aloud =). And in a way, it allows me to think aloud, which is much healthier than holding things in.