Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Hair Inspiration for a Hairstyleophile

Youtuber Sera2544's inspirational hair journey

Youtuber ZaharaM2 sharing detangling method for daughter's long, thick length

Its a little easier to forget about the day's stress when you can grab your Macbook, type in a url, and become inspired. I'm convinced that Youtube is one of the greatest inventions ever. I mean, like all thinks based in technology, it has its downfalls when in immature hands, but a focused search can yield some great results. The proof is behind the play buttons!

I saw myself and my daughter in these two videos, and am even more excited about my own natural hair journey after experiencing that of Sera. Her length is amazing, and very attainable. I remember having the same 5 month progress that she had, and I got a glimpse of the length I would have attained in a year's time, and the length that I can attain with a little care and consistancy. I'll be starting the growth process again at the end of the year.

Emma and I had the priviledge of meeting ZaharaM2 and Big Girl at the Summer CURLabration on Saturday. Unfortunately Miss Baby Girl (shown in the video) was unable to attend this time. Hopefully next time. I am looking forward to trying ZaharaM2's detangling method on Emma. We currently spend a lot of time detangling Emma's hair, and there are usually tears at some point throughout the lengthy process. Hopefully a little deep conditioning prep will help us glide through the tangles a bit easier.

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