Sunday, August 29, 2010

Kicking the Second Week of School off with Box Braids

Since our days will be starting early and ending reasonably late, and I will be starting work next weekend, I figure that now would be a great time for box braids. We can easily dress them up with beads and barrettes, do something different with the front sections, and even gather them into cornrows later. Also, washing and conditioning will be effortless. It took us about 4 hours to complete, although it doesn't really seem like there are that many braids here. As Cassadie of Natural Selection pointed out, the time that it takes to complete a style like this is totally worth it!

As for me, looks like I'm growing my hair. I have a TWA by accident really. I had planned to hold off until the beginning of next year, but as always, the curls grow, I fall in love, and the rest is nappy history. I love to run my fingers through my curls. I love the way they feel. I love twirling them around my fingers. I just love everything about my strands. I like the waves, I love being nearly bald, but I LOVE my curls. So, I haven't gotten a haircut, and I don't think I will. I think I might be ready to catch up to Emma. I have a good 3 months of grown going here, taking into account the fact that the haircut before last involved tapering the back and sides.

I'm working with a line that I don't like (square instead of round), but its cool. I'll just have to school the barber I'm working with, because if you don't voice what you want, and demonstrate it either by walking them through or showing pictures, there is a very good chance you could come up out of the barber chair ready to swing. I like this guy, so I don't wanna have to administer any punches to the throat. I am so very particular about how my hair is lined because of my damaged sides. So far, this guy hasn't gotten it exactly the way I like it, with this time being way off course. But, a little more coaxing should do the trick.


  1. i've been wanting to do box braids in my hair for the longest. unfortunately, though, i've been too lazy to really do anything with it, so i've been in head wraps pretty much all summer.

    of course, any box braids i do on me would be no where near those of your cutie pie.

    i remember usually being a bit annoyed and unsatisfied when getting out the chair back during my beauty shop days. they'[d either cut too much of my hair off or left me looking crazy!

    but like you said, your barbar will likely get your drift pretty soon.

  2. Laziness has played a part over here too, lol. I wanted to do these on her last week, but I left hair time until the day before the first day and it just wasn't happening. Shoot, I left it until after 4pm today, and we didn't finish until after 8pm, lol. But now its done! I remember when I attempted some finger coils in my TWA. I got one side of the front done and was like, "yeah, I'm not gonna be able to do it today", lol. Hopefully I will be able to follow all the way through this time once my hair grows out a little more.

  3. We love box braids, and when they get old and the ends curl up all purty and stuff, we love 'em even more. (Or, atleast I have trained her that way, cause the hours it takes to put 'em in means you're gonna love 'em or else!)

    Mom shaved her locks off a few months ago, but as NY winters are unforgiving-she is starting to curl up again in preparation. Good luck on your journey.