Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Cash Today, Gone Tomorrow

My first paycheck has come, and has already gone. Granted, it was under $100, and didn't add that much to our other income, its still always such a momentary gratification. I paid some immediate car-induced bills, got a few school supplies that were on the class donation list, filled up my gas tank (no more running out of gas and sitting on the side of the road for 4 hours!), and got a few snacks for Emma's lunchbox. The well is already almost dry, and we still have 2 more days of running around to do this week + I am working all weekend (YAY!) + 2 days of work - in addition to the commute to school next week. I am going to try to preserve gas by trying very hard not to make a double commute. With nothing to do in my old city, its kind of hard to just hang around, but I will pack up my computer and head to campus to try to kill time. Whatever I can do to stretch my dollars and my fumes.

A change will come soon enough. I am looking forward to the days where being in survival mode is not a requirement. Looking forward to the days when everything just flows.

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  1. "Looking forward to the days when everything just flows."

    same here. i can definitely relate...