Friday, August 27, 2010

At a Crossroads

I couldn't be happier to see this weekend approaching. Its been a long week, and last week was even longer. I haven't done this much traveling in a long time. Getting up extra early, hitting the highway, and not returning until the end of the day. It feels good to be productive again, however, my limited resources present a challenge. Unfortunately, cars don't run on air, and I don't drive a Hybrid! Our morning voyage to school involves crossing 3 highways, and breezing through 7 different cities. I think its worth it. Emma's happiness, comfort, and quality education are worth it.

It was only the second day of school and I was already rummaging through my purse collecting every single coin I could find. I emptied $9 worth of coins on the counter of my local gas station yesterday, repeatedly apologizing for being that person, too damn early in the morning. And after school, my gas tank was even more empty than before I emptied my purse. I raided my car's loose change, but the booty is nowhere near enough to get us back to school today. I can't let Emma miss a day of school on the error that we can't afford to get there.

Positive Affirmation #1: Everything will work out!


  1. uggh! that whole gas thing. i've kept my behind inside plenty days due to lack of funds for gas.

    of course, you and emma have got things to do out in the world, so thank goodness for the carpooling opportunity!

  2. Oh yes! We'll be utilizing the carpool in the morning. I am so glad that its an option. This whole gas thing puts the brakes on real quick, lol.