Saturday, August 28, 2010

It Takes a Village

I have never visited a gas station as many times in one week as I did this week. It was unprecedented. I think I must have pulled in there once a day, and even twice on one day! By the stroke of pure luck and goodwill, I was able to get Emma to school on Friday. She was tardy, which I hated, especially because she is well known in the office. Not because she's one of the troublemakers, but because she was a frequent late bird last year, and because her and the school's principal are cool like that. They play football during recess. Even as we are beginning a new school year, the office administrator, whom I didn't recognize, knew who Emma was before she even told her. We are aiming for minimal office visits this school year!

Thanks to my approaching first paycheck, and the generosity of one of my mama friends, I am in the process of ensuring that Emma gets to school, each day, on time. Turns out that said mama friend and I hit the road around the same time, which makes carpooling a viable option and offer that we are grateful to accept. We will meet her in a neighboring city and she will transport Emma to school for me, along with her daughter. This will be a tremendous help on days when my money is short. It can be very expensive traveling back and forth on the daily. Thank goodness for the hearts and availability of my Cal parent community!


  1. gotta love it! nothing like that feeling of community.

  2. Definitely! I would have never made it through my college experience without this community