Monday, August 30, 2010

A Week in Review

Courtesy of T. Allen-Mercado

- I returned to the organization that I've been working with toward job readiness and securing housing to claim my gift card for getting a job. They have a list of services that they provide once you are employed, as well as a host of services to prepare you for employment, such as interview clothing. I chose a gift card to Ross so that I could add a couple of pieces to my work wardrobe. In addition to that, I learned that I was entitled to shop for clothing at the local thrift shop, AND get a new pair of shoes from the local Payless Shoesource. Score! Its been a while since I've done any thrift shopping and was surprised at all I found. I even had to put a few items back because they went over budget. I was able to snag a pair of dress pants that fit much better than the ones I bought for my first day of training, a button down shirt, a nice belt, a cute dress, and a super cute and trendy purple blazer. I am awaiting the call of the intake specialist to let me know when I should go down to the organization to pick them up!

- I've been working on repairing and building relationships. Well, really just one relationship in particular. So far, so good.

- I finally got myself an eye exam scheduled, at no cost to me. I could have cried after finding out that my medical insurance is now being accepted for eye exams at the Eye Care Clinic on my college campus. Because of the state's budget, vision and dental coverage have been eliminated for adults. I have been in need of an eye exam for a looooog time. I have the migrains to prove it. Now, those cute pair of readers that I want wont only exist in my fantasies. Furthermore, I got in contact with another organization that can hook me up with the Sears Optical department for a FREE pair of glasses. I'm telling you, I have been on the grind ya'll, for real!

- Remember the $25 gift certificate from Pretty in Peace that I blogged about last week? Well, I WON!! That bit of news made my day. Tameka has such beautiful collections, I will be honored to spot her wares. I already know which pair of earrings I will be getting, and I even let Emma pick a pair of posts for herself. I'll share with you when we receive them. Be sure to head over and check out the greatness that is Pretty in Peace.

What have you been up to?

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