Monday, August 23, 2010

It Must Be the Full Moon

I am very grateful that I can now say that I have a job. I don't care that its through a temp agency. If I play my cards right the only thing temp about this job will be its origin. With any luck, I will set up a shop that wont have to be dismantled any time soon. That is the game plan because the goal is to be able to lay my head under my own damn roof. Being stuck up in a space that belongs to someone else is NOT the business, in fact, it can be pure torture! Today has been rather torturous, but I survived. A bit of good news this evening reiterated the fact that all of these challenges are just the building blocks of a better situation. I've been worried about before and after school care ever since the end of the school year. Our care has been subsidized for the last 2 years, and due to the state's budget (everything is due to the damn state's budget!) subsidized spots are scheduled to be cut. The district has been rallying and fighting and planning, and as a result, are able to offer only 50 families subsidized spots this year. I had to reapply, and wait. The wait is now over. We're in! We're gonna be subsidized. I can go to work without worrying about who will pick my child up from school or who will take her.

So, so far I have a job that will allow me to get some income coming in, be available to take my baby to school, pick her up, and allow time for me to volunteer in her classroom, plus, before and after school care is paid for! This is awesome!! I hope that things only keep getting better and better.


  1. i hope the same for the both of you! :-)

  2. OH I was so happy to read this post. You are creating it--the LIFE YOU want for both of you. Praying it sticks in all the right ways!