Monday, August 16, 2010

Parents of Convenience

If you have never taken a look at your child's father and proceeded to ask yourself what the hell you were thinking, consider yourself blessed.

Emma's dad is one of those men who should be castrated, just for the sake of population control. I guess its extremely easy to bring children into the world when you can be assured that someone else will be taking care of them. And by someone else, I mean the women from which they are bore. Looking back, I understand all of the circumstances that led us to be together. Had I been older, and wiser, I would have had the aptitude to make better decisions. Had I been an experienced dater, I would have told him to kick rocks, and then probably called the police and filed a report for harassment. His pursuit of me has always been a bit stalkerish, but then again, in what other capacity could it be when you are 24, and the person you are pursuing is 14?

I'm still a little irritated with the fact that, upon returning from an overnight visit (the first in a long while), all of Emma's possessions reek of cigarette smoke. I absolutely HATE the smell of cigarette smoke, especially when its all over everything. I've considered asking him to reconsider smoking in his house. If Emma's things are filled with heavy smoke, I don't even wanna think about what might be getting into her lungs. I just have a big ass problem with how irresponsible he is. Like, really? I try to extend a little privilege to him by allowing her to stay the night, and she returns smokey. Lets just say, she wont be staying anymore nights soon.

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