Monday, August 30, 2010

Patiently Waiting


Because a girl can never have too many cute things. I am so in love with The Children's Place. I have been since Emma was a baby. They have the greatest deals, and some really fun pieces in their collections. And what's even better is that they put their new lines out ahead of season, and have steals during the seasons. So, for example, their Fall line was released during summer, and now that school is back in session they are practically giving away their Back to School styles.

15% off everything in stores when you spend $40 or more *no coupon necessary*
Plus 25% off the Fall collection

I ordered the above items and a few others from the Children's Place website. If you're looking for cuteness on a budget, The Children's Place is a fabulous place to stay in style without breaking the bank.


  1. How cuuuuuuute is that stuff you ordered!! I don't recall ever seeing those shoes to match the bookbag and lunch box. Love it!

  2. Cute! I felt like it took forever to get our order. Turns out, it was a normal timeframe. I was just impatient.

    May your order come soon!

  3. I really like the shoes! Go Emma, all decked out and carryin' on.

  4. @ BBB: Thanks Nikki. I use a little strategy when it comes to The Children's Place and their abundance of matching stuff. I go through and look at all of the shirts, tights/leggings, shoes and accessories. Once a pattern catches my eye I look in those areas to see what they have to match. Sometimes I concentrate on the shirts and shoes first to see if there are any matchy matchy things. I love A's outfits. She is gonna be so cute in them!

    @ Katie: I know what you mean. I was so smart that I put the wrong darn zip code so we were delayed a little bit. But our package came today!

    @ T: Thanks friend. She was very excited to see these shoes.