Saturday, June 11, 2011

Happy Summer Vacation

"This certifies that Emma K. has satisfactorily completed the course of study
required for promotion from second to third grade and is therefore entitled
to this certificate on this 10th day of June, 2011"

Her sense of accomplishment is so grand. She turned 8 years old, and "graduated" from the second grade all in the same week! It has been a week of graduations and celebrations. Her class celebrated with an ice cream party, we congratulated 5th grade friends who are moving on to junior high, and high school friends who are now moving on to the rest of their lives. I remember the end of 1st grade. I arrived to her classroom to find not a dry eye on a little face. The entire class was in tears because the school year had ended. This year, instead of tears, there were lots of hugs and talk of future play dates and summer camps. We're happy to have you summer vacation! Bring on the water park, bring on the beach, bring on the sun!


  1. My daughter "graduates" from pre-k on Monday and her 5th birthday is on Wednesday. I so proud. Who would have though 5 years ago that I would be estatic of her passing on to the kindergarten.

  2. I know exactly what you mean!! Congratulations to her on all the upcoming excitement. I'm sure she's gonna have a ball in Kindergarten. She's about to be on 'big girl' status :)