Wednesday, June 1, 2011

30 Day Blog Challenge

Because invited challenges are always more fun than the uninvited.

Its a brand new month, so why not welcome a 30 Day Blog Challenge? I found the questions for the challenge over at Her Best Hair. If you feel like having a little fun this month, join in!

Day 1: Five Ways to Win Your Heart

And this would be why they call this here a challenge. I'm a natural pleaser, so it is indeed a challenge to contemplate what pleases me. I think its safe to say that these are some of the things that make my heart smile.

1. Beautiful Photography
Maybe it goes back to my childhood picture book days, but I could sit with photography for hours. Doesn't necessarily matter what the photograph's focus is, I appreciate what has been captured - the photographer's eye, lighting or lack there of, the smallest details - a picture is definitely worth a thousand words.

2. Soulful Singers
Every time that Patti LaBelle opens her mouth, chills and tears wash over me. That woman could sing the alphabet and I would still be moved deep within my soul. She doesn't just make my heart smile, but she, and others such as Jennifer Hudson and Fantasia, make my heart rejoice.

3. Crafts!
Whether it be card making, scrapbooking, crocheting or coloring a page with Emma, crafts bring inner joy. What's more joyous than an activity where the possibilities are endless?

4. Beach Days
I have a love/hate relationship with sand, but there is nothing like sitting out in the sun with the breeze of the ocean, watching my daughter play in the stuff. Chasing waves with my little girl surely makes my heart smile.

5. Intimacy
I am an old soul who thrives on a 'rocking chair on the porch-special spot out in the garden' kind of atmosphere. I appreciate quality moments with quality people - I love to bask in those moments.


  1. I love this post... I might have to take the challenge also! (smiling)

  2. Thanks girly. Yes! Join in :)