Saturday, June 11, 2011

[Day 8] Eat Up

Day 8: What You Ate Today

I'm really good for forgetting to eat. Eating seems like a no-brainer, but it's really easy to do when you don't put yourself on your to-do list. I'll get into the groove of my day, or loose myself in a project, and half the day later I'll realize that it's past lunch time and I didn't even eat breakfast. Today is a non-breakfast and lunch day. After a night of fun, a light snack of dry salame, cheese and water was enough to get me up and running.

I'm headed out the door to test for a state position that I recently applied for, and will be having a sit down lunch/early dinner with Emma and a mama bear friend once I'm all done. I'm thinking a little chicken and waffles would be nice!

What's on your plate?


  1. i'm also one who will neglect to eat. *especially* when i'm working on a garment. there are times when i get to an end of a week and realize i've lost a few pounds because of this. pants that were fitting me a week before will be falling off!

    as i type i'm eating generic cinnamom square cereal (think golden grahams but whithout all the sugar) with rice milk out of a cup. (cereal in a cup is nostalgic for me!)

    other than that, i've been mostly eating watermelon for the past several days. it's tasty, too the point, filling, and very cleansing!

  2. Yes! We've been making smoothies lately. Emma loves to help make them and its a great way to get some extra fruit into the mix. We love snacking on berries, but I bought a few packages of frozen berries and that's what we use so we don't have to stress out when we don't have any ice, lol. Shoot, I wish I was loosing weight as a way of my naughty eating habits, lol.