Wednesday, June 29, 2011

[Day 19] Missing Links

Day 19: Five Items You Lust After

1. A rewarding career:
No seriously. It'd be great to have a career that provided security AND happiness. Seems like the two never fit in the same position, unless of course you're a CEO with a team who does all the work so you can go outside and play all day. Usually, the happiness producing positions offer less pay, and those that provide the most security, meaning financial, take you away from your family and the things in life that truly matter. I know that folks will say that the key to a position that provides everything you want is to create that position for yourself, but what of us who have no deep desire to build a business?

2. A real vacation:
I'm not even sure if I've technically earned one or not, but a real vacation would be really nice. And when I say real vacation, I'm not talking about a 3-day weekend, I'm talking about a 7 day cruise, summer long backpacking trip across country type of getaway. I am in need of a major change of scenery, where somebody else is in charge of all of the care work and money is no object.

3. A new wardrobe:
At the moment, mine is quite pitiful. I think everything I own is out of date, and the majority are the wrong fit. And lets not even mention my sock collection!

4. A garden:
I have a strong need for growth and light.

5. A new baby:
An odd thing to lust after, I know. However, I can't remove this burning desire. I can only hope that the right time and circumstances will present themselves BEFORE my Emma goes off to college!