Tuesday, June 14, 2011

[Day 10] That Boom Boom Pow

Day 10: Put Your Music Player on Shuffle and Write the First 10 Songs that Play

  1. Will You Be There: Michael Jackson
  2. Its About That Time: The Wryters (local artists)
  3. You Are Everything (Remix): Sisqo
  4. Billie Jean: Michael Jackson
  5. An unlabled Mary J song (Can't Do This Alone?)
  6. Forgive Them Father: Lauryn Hill
  7. Just Got Paid: 'N Sync (shot out to Richmond High School Jazz dance!)
  8. Rock With You: Michael Jackson
  9. Got to Get It: Sisqo
  10. The Lady in My Life: Michael Jackson

Not that much of an exciting list, but these are some of the tunes I'm working with. This serves as a reminder for me to invest in an external hard drive so that I can snag all of the music from my old PC laptop. That thing is amazing. It's like, 9 years old and is still running - slowly, but still running!


  1. What is this, beautifuls??? A new site? Yay! The more the merrier. :-)