Sunday, June 26, 2011

[Day 15] Two Places at One Time

Day 15: Your Zodiac/Horoscope and if You Think It Fits Your Personality

Aritaur in the house! Being born on April 20th puts me right on the Aries/Taurus cusp, and the Cusp of Power is a very interesting place to be. I'm not heavily into astrology or following my horoscope daily, in fact, I'm pretty new to the whole concept of the cusp. I grew up believing that I was an Aries because I'd always found that Aries ended with me. I would heatedly defend my place within the zodiac. "I am NOT a Taurus!", I once argued a classmate in junior high. Truth is, my classmate and I were both right because the nitty gritty lies in the time of birth. Although cusp folks pull from the sign that ends before and the sign the begins right after their birthdate, knowing the time of birth will reveal how greatly a person is influenced by the two signs. While I think my Aries traits were stronger when I was younger, I feel like I am now ruled by my Taurus traits, while being in conflict with my Aries traits.

persevering, down-to-earth, stable, stubborn, possessive, prosperous, dependable, physical, sensual, active, initiating, leading, independent, aggressive, impatient, combative, energetic, pioneering, naive, assertive

Like I said, the Cusp of Power can be a very interesting place to be, dualing dualisms and all.

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  1. I was also born on the 20th of April. Spent my entire life thinking I was an Aries and then I saw that according to American horoscopes, I was a Taurus. It was only after that that I heard about "the cusp". Even my Moon sign is on the cusp, because in Europe it's Leo, and in America it's Cancer! I have an identity crisis! :)