Tuesday, June 7, 2011

[Day 7] Under My Skin

Day 7: Five Pet Peeves

You mean, you want me to only list five? A better challenge would be to list five non-pet peeves! To use an African Export phrase, I'm "one of them ones" - the ones who generally find irritation in an abundance of things. Some days are better than others, but stuff gets old real fast, and for me, old = irritating.

1. Invasion of Personal Space:
This actually happened to me today. I was standing off to the side of rows of full seats, minding my own little business, in my own little personal space bubble, when up walks a guy and his two daughters. Their approach would have been fine had they not all huddled around me like we were swapping secrets. One of the daughters was standing so close in front of me that I swear the toe of my shoes were touching the heel of hers! And these weren't little daughters, these were grown ass daughters. I thought that maybe she just didn't see me standing close enough to breath down her neck since she had her back to me, until the gang slid over next to a woman who was seated. They could have been in her lap! She became uncomfortable with their oblivious closeness and scooted her seat into the middle of an aisle.

2. Music Ringtones:
I must be getting older because this really shouldn't bother me, BUT, there is something about being in an establishment and having your thoughts suddenly interrupted by two minutes of some E40 song. Just leave the songs for the iPod!

3. Delayed Responses:
I know the world doesn't revolve around me, and I know that not everyone is as connected as everyone else, BUT, when I send out a text, I expect to get a reply right back, especially if two minutes after I send you a text I see that you've updated your status on Facebook, FROM YOUR CELL PHONE!

4. Answering a Question with a Question:
Seriously. If I ask a question, chances are, I'd like an answer to it.

5. Attacking Sexuality:
Just general home grown homophobia. It seems like some people just itch to affix labels to people, while others itch to attack people at their very core. It doesn't make sense to me, and its extremely irritating to be in conversation with someone who is quick to throw out some derogatory term to describe someone.


  1. lmao @ 2 minutes of e40!!!!

    i'm with you on that, though. i'm not into ringtones *at all*. my phone beeps once. hopefully i hear it (i usually do), but if not, i'll return the call...maybe!

    # 3 made me laugh. i'm guily of that at times. depending on what it's about, i'll wait *hours* before replying to a text. BUT...and it's so funny you mentioned this....i will not post anything on facebook or anywhere else online in case the textor sees it, hahahahahahah! that's too funny to me! oh lord, and i'm worse about emails! {but get irked if it's done to me, lol! if i email someone about something that's very important--to me-- i'm checking my inbox constantly waiting on that reply!}

  2. LOL!!!! That seriously burns me up. Luckily there is only one person that will actually post something on FB and not return my text, but I do have a friend who doesn't keep her cell near by all the time who I can NOT text if I expect to get an answer right away. And then of course there is my grandma who will get my texts and NOT respond, lol. Even if I'm asking a question. And when I call to ask about the texts she always tells me that she got them, lol.