Friday, June 3, 2011

[Day 2] Combating Silence

Day 2: Something You Feel Strongly About

"My voice wasn't made to be quiet." - Emma

As people who encounter the world each and every day, whether through social mediums or experience, we all have areas of existence that are very important to us. I feel strongly about combating silence. We all have experiences, and some are extremely life changing and not easy to hear nor to face, but by being allowed the space and respect to voice those experiences, a kind of healing can follow that transcends any one person's sole experience. In other words, speaking out creates a platform for shared experience and the possibility for a collective healing.

Nothing is more heartbreaking than being instructed to be silent. Many are hushed, and then further punished when their suppressed pain ultimately destroys them in one way or another. We have to open our ears to the stories of others and open our hearts to life through their eyes. We may not initially have any answers, but sometimes, the first and most important step is to make it clear that people are being heard.

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