Friday, October 22, 2010

Time Sure Does Fly When You're Stylin'

It wasn't until I was commenting on Little B's beautiful braids, that I realized that Emma's box braids had been alive for 7 straight weeks! That's probably not a record for us, as we tend to not be weekly hairstyle people, but it caught my attention because Katie of Happy Girl Hair was saying how much she was hoping to get 2 good weeks out of Little B's braids. We've washed, conditioned and moisturize during the 7 weeks, and cornrowed, and ponytailed, and crinkled the box braids. They got a lot of wear and gave a lot of versatility.

Since we'll be heading to the natural hair meet up tomorrow, put on by Cassidy of Natural Selection, it was time to be out with the old and in with the new! We deep conditioned, washed and conditioned last week, leaving clean hair that was ready for a little more TLC. It took us a couple of days to transform old box braids into new chunky twists.

On day 1, we took care of the back. Basically removing each braid, moisturizing and detangling (getting rid of 7 weeks worth of shed hair), adding some Bee Mine Curly Butter and twisting. For school the next day I just gathered the remaining 6 braids in the front into a knot. On day 2 I got the rest of the braids down and detangled and into twists.

Emma was pretty happy with the finished result, especially because tomorrow we will be giving her a chunky twist out for the meet up. Its raining here, so I don't know how much shrinkage she will have at the end of the day, but all will be well.

We have been dressing her twists up with different head bands (which for some reason get left at school!!)

I'm looking forward to the return of her BAA. Stay tuned...


  1. I really like those twists! Go Miss Emma!

  2. She looks lovely. My personal record is 8 weeks. I was too busy to bother but on week 7 I took one braid out to assess it and found it was starting to lock which prompted me to undo the hair :)

  3. Thanks T!!!

    @ Jc: Same here! The roots where tied and tangled and took just a bit of working through to remove all the shed hair. Luckily we didn't have any real knots, but that is definitely what happens when you set it and forget it, lol. If her braids had been small, she probably would have had braid-locs forming, lol.