Sunday, October 10, 2010

Newness Preview

Chocolate Chip Cookie. Oatmeal Cookie. Mint Cookie.

Berry. Midnight. Forest. Navy. Wine.

The colors above are more representative than the colors in the photo - cell phone camera, BUT, better pictures are in store (I said "preview", remember?), and these babies are now available!!

Take your pick!


  1. You are just so mutha-effin talented and I love it! Look at that!! I mean...damn girl. All that creativity been dying to be shared with the world. I love it! You gonna show me how to make magic too because I need something to help me with this A.D.D.!

  2. Thanks Sis. Your words mean so much. Now, if I could only get these damn things photographed the way I want and into my shop, that would be lovely. LOL @ ADD!

  3. I'm ready to place my order please!!! ;)
    No, really I am, lol!

  4. Hats being added to Baby Squares this week!!! Yay! =)