Sunday, October 3, 2010

In Baby Squares News...

Slouch hats will be making an appearance very soon. I went on a Michael's haul recently, stocking my yarn supply in various colors, as sort of a trial run, based on colors that have been requested and colors that feel like Fall. With the scorching weather we've been having here in the Bay Area, its been kind of difficult to be excited about hats. Today though, is a leaves on the ground-cool breeze kind of day. I think Fall is finally upon us!

Dispite the bright sun warming my skin, I broke out my skeins and got to work on the new inventory. I was 3 hats in when I decided to show them off to one of my co-workers. She snatched up 2 of the 3, inquired about addition colors for her holiday shopping, and proceeded to tell everyone who was in the office about my work! See why I love this place! I am thrilled about the warm welcome in the work place - merging worlds and getting paid. So, a little delayed virtually, but expect their arrival shortly. Please feel free to leave comments below or email me at babysquares@gmail if you are interested in purchasing!


  1. Woot! That is great news, Barbara...I'm really happy to see things falling into place for you all across the board. Now, that's what's up!

  2. Me too friend. I'm on the ride with my seatbelt buckled tight =).

  3. So deserving you are! So very deserving...

    I'm happy that the worlds meeting, complement one another because that makes all the difference. Work is a tricky thing because they are brand new relationships to be formed. But you did and that picture is the face of happiness. I don't think I've seen you that happy before. The picture is worth a 1,000 words, but I only have 1...BEAUTIFUL!

  4. Aww shucks =). I think signs of relieve end in smiles =). I really am very happy in this position. I was so worried about being force into some position that would be super duper fast paced and demanding, sending my ass straight to the nut house, lol. I don't think I'll need to be fitted for that straight jacket just yet! I've been told by another person now to circulate my shop throughout the office, so hey, that's what your sister is gonna do!!

  5. such a pretty color blue! and the hat looks great. (AND of course you look great in it! :-D )

    *yaaay* for the incoming business.

    now. i see i've got a lot of catching up to do over here...