Saturday, October 16, 2010

Open for Business!

That's right! Baby Squares is now open for business via Facebook. Thanks for the informative Jewery Rockstar, you can now purchase Baby Squares exclusives right from the fan page! That means that if you haven't already, you should "like" me there, and then suggest the fan page to all of the ladies on your friend list, especially those with wee ones! Don't the new hats look beautiful in their new home? I'd bet they'd look even more beautiful on YOU! Thus far, Tams by Baby Squares have been hot around my work place. I sold my forth one last week!! My co-workers are getting a head start on their holiday shopping.

Yesterday, the sun was shining, and I wanted to take full advantage. After dropping Emma at school, I took a trip down to the local Beauty Supply store to snatch up a wig head and a couple of hair care favs. It was my intention to capture my new hats in the early morning sun, get them uploaded into the storefront, and sit back and watch the magic happen. Due to an impromptu wedding invitation, which quickly turned into an ER visit, I captured the hats in late afternoon sunlight. I was scrambling to beat the sunset, but I'm satisfied with the shots, and so are Baby Squares fans. The place is a buzz! Hopefully the storefront will be a buzz with activity.

Feel free to click on the Baby Squares Facebook Badge in the sidebar to become a fan and get your holiday or personal shop on! Spread the word!


  1. So cool, you work fast too!. Hope we make lots of sales over there:)

  2. Believe it or not, I've been sitting on these hats for a while. Never the right opportunity to get pictures, or someone would buy one before I could get the picture. I am sooo relieved to have them posted now, and "out there", and thanks to you I was charged $.20 a pop to do it!! Yes, many sales to you too!!

  3. I am so proud of YOU and this you know already. I don't see my peridot posted on here and I'm assuming that's know better LOL! Nah, but really sis, I love them and I'm so happy that you are owning up to your talent in a MAJOR way. Teach your sister some things? I will pay for the lessons...........

  4. Thanks Sis!! Peridot Paradise coming soon! I just restocked my yarn =)