Friday, October 22, 2010

Confessions of a Connectoholic

Our new place is great and all, but the lack of wireless accessibility is driving me insane! I've been recently spoiled. Being able to sit up, 'til the wee hours of the morning, typing away the day's frustrations/joyful moments. And now? I'm reduced to a computer center where I have to work across two different computers because one has a timer and Facebook access has been blocked from the other! WiFi is available, but my location within the building makes for a shitty signal. How on earth am I supposed to stay on top of things working under these conditions? Geez.

I've missed spilling my guts on a daily basis. Just basically being able to say what I have to say virtually at the exact moment that it pops into my head. You know, the exact moment when I wanna go to bed and my housemate is blasting her damn radio through the floor, or when we are trying to have a nice dinner or breakfast and this one staff person feels the need to run down every single thing about the organization to us, as if its our first time in the dining area, oh, and how about the moment when said staff person comes back with a second bowl of pasta because she noticed that I had finished mine? She really does mean well, but uh, I seriously think that nobody is home upstairs, if you know what I mean.

Anyhoo... if you're reading now, don't stop here. I've been waiting to unload my chest, so this is like, the third post I've done in an hour, lol. Happy reading.


  1. I can only imagine. I'm in a bad way if we're just traveling and the desk is on the wrong side of the room for my writing mojo!

  2. I can understand that, maybe u can write in a word doc and post everything on a schedule once you get to internet access. At least that way you get it off your chest...just a thought.

  3. @ Janelle: I think I'm gonna have to resort to that Janelle. I was trying not too, lol, only because I'm one of those folks who love comfort zones, and once thrown out of the mix I'm literally thrown out of the mix for a minute. I love scheduling posts, so I think I might have to be all up in Word on days/nights when I really, really wanna write. Thanks for the suggestion!

    @ T: I've found myself trying to jot down my thoughts so I could blog them later, or completely forgetting what I meant to blog, or sitting down and not being as motivated by the after-thought. So frustrating. I'm thinking that one of those wireless (always connected) thingies from the phone company would be a good investment, lol

  4. Okay, clearly I'm behind...waaaay behind and it's because this damn lady that I 'follow' on my blog posts like 7 damn posts a day and it fills my dashboard window! Got to unfollow that ass because I'm missing out on posts and just thinking that nothing is being posted.

    Anyhoo! That's called addiction sweetie. Just gon' put that right on out there! Yep...addiction! Says the person that can get online whenever/however, huh? I gots to find that router for you, sis. I don't know where it is but I will look again this weekend.

    Really though...I sawEE that you can't get online when you want/need to. That really does suck and how I felt when I was at Uncle Ricky's house and he wasn't quite with the times on the whole wireless thing. And a timer??!! I would go postal! LOL! My sister is in a forced patience situation. Somebody don' tamed that BarB :-)

  5. LMAO!!!!! You know I already responded offline, but I had to come here and laugh because man o man, forced patience is NOT the business. I try, I really do, but patience just isn't in my blood... "sawEE" =)