Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Natural Hair Meet Up: Bay Area Style!

Showcasing Tams by Baby Squares

Cassidy of Natural Selection recapped the day's events beautifully, complete with beautiful pictures that help tell the story of just how much fun we all had, chatting, eating, shopping and talking about hair. Simply put, we had a blast! I am so happy that Cassidy offers these opportunities, I have once again found myself already ready for the next event... which I've heard is November 21st, so SAVE THE DATE if you're in the Bay and wanna come hang out with us! You definitely will NOT regret doing so.

Being amongst other vendors wow, can't believe I'm actually in that category now! taught me a valuable lesson about presentation. I had not thought at all about how I would display my tams. I just grab my el cheapo wig head on our way out the door and figured I'd employ some creative placement on our table. It wasn't until I saw the set up of the other vendors that I realized my presentation really wasn't much of a presentation. I think I did pretty good for this being my first time out, and for only having 24 hours to prep, BUT, my products definitely had to speak for themselves. I was relieved as a few ladies tried them on and inquired about colors and sizes. And luckily, I didn't return home with the same amount of tams I left with. Just maybe I really do have a chance in hell of being successful. I'll be watching Tea and Honey Bread very closely as Tameka creates an economical display for her upcoming craft show. I clearly still have a lot to learn about showcase... and, um, about not spending all of my profits!

That last bit is kind of hard when you are surrounded by amazing women doing amazing things with natural materials! I can not pass on pretty colors and great scents. Enter Skincare by Feleciai and Fatemeh's Jewelry and Accessories.

I got this luxurious Peppermint Shea Butter Cream. Its so creamy and felt really good on my skin. After bath time, both Emma and I slathered some on and nearly slept through our alarm the next morning. Good stuff! Feleciai generously gave me a bar of her heavenly handmade soup with my shea purchase.

Lest I be found somewhere in a corner sniffing this thing, I am gonna be just as generous and pass this wonderful soap on to a momma friend who is with child and morning sickness. I think this will definitely give her a boost in the aromatherapy department!

I picked up a baaaaaaaadddd pair of crocheted purple hoops from Fatemeh and another pair of crocheted purple earrings for a friend who LOVES purple. I surprised her with them today. She couldn't get the pair she was wearing off fast enough so she could model her new pair. A very happy camper! I'll have to share pictures of these two at a later date!

Although I earned and spent it was well worth it for what I walked away with and the experience in itself. Again, I can not wait for the next event. The only down side to being on duty at the Baby Squares table was not being able to get up and mingle with all of the other ladies who were there. I had to wait for them to come to me.

What suggestions do you have for ways that I can sell AND mingle at the next meet up?


  1. that's wonderful...the earning and ability to spend!

    as far as presentation, i hear ya. i tend to be lazy with my own but can usually get away with it since the clothes really just need to hang on a rack, lol!

    but i'm sure as time goes on you'll get better and better. the best thing about it all is that you're out there! :-)

  2. Yes. I am looking forward to more experiences like this one... experience and learn =)