Monday, October 11, 2010

Not Again

I really think my grandmother is crazy. I mean, I used to just think she was ambitious. Ambition is admirable. However, the trail of incomplete business plans that have been following her since before the time I began collecting memories, tell me otherwise. This woman has always been selling something. Avon, Mary Kay, Tupperware, Princess House, Watkins, Cookie Lee - it can all be found in her possession. Inventory past handed out at Christmas time, direct selling opportunities revisited time and time again.

On my last visit to her house, I tried really hard to convince myself that the Tupperware boxes in her livingroom were old finds from storage, up until the moment she placed a catalog in my hand. I'm thinking, "what in THEE hell am "I" gonna do with this?" I mean, HELLO! I'm homeless! That means that I wont be stocking a kitchen anytime soon. But that's always the experience at grandma's house. There are very little relaxed visits, and a whole lotta business, business, business! She'll start a business and expect it to take off with minimal physical investment, and when it doesn't she's on to the next "job". I can't even keep up, nor do I want to. I think this is why I have such a hard time pushing my wares. I don't want to be a pusher. I don't wanna be that person that you dread coming in your direction because you know they will try to make you buy something. Up until the time I opened my shop, I had a hard time even asking people to pay me for my handiwork!

I'm glad that I found the confidence to see what I make as valuable enough for monetary gain, and that I have a better business sense than she does, in the way that I know that in order for any business to "take off", there will be a lot of work involved. Work that YOU will have to do yourself.


  1. Speaking of work, I need to dash off to take some decent images.

  2. Becoming a successful entrepreneur is anything but easy, it helps to know that beforehand or you will undoubtedly go crazy. I'm rooting for grandma, maybe this time will be her time.

  3. Your very optimistic friend =). You don't know grandma, lol.