Friday, December 3, 2010

Friday Fill-Ins

1. The best thing about a birthday celebration is its atmosphere of appreciation.

2. If you aren't careful, you could get lost within the passage of time.

3. I went shopping recently and the most interesting thing I bought was the book, Bone Black: Memories of Girlhood by bell hooks.

4. My favorite child's game has always been Candy Land.

5. The reason is always important to know.

6. Its always exciting when the Bay Area experiences snow and cold.

7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to finding a special place for my new plant, tomorrow my plans include shipping an order and Sunday, I want to get to bed early!

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  1. Likin' the list! As far as that damn snow and, chick! Not at all. I'll pass. I'm a in-between kinda girl as you know because I also get attitudes in the heat LOL! Can't win, huh?

    I love #5...That is a life lesson to follow from birth on up.

    #3...Gonna have to get me a copy of that there. I love Bell Hooks. I know why you do, ya Womanist YOU! LOL! She gets it in, don't she?

    My weekend consists of taking the kid to Embassy Suites, movies, Fuddruckers, and shopping with a friend of his. So, like you Sunday...I will have mine in bed early! Believe that!

  2. Ahhh shoot. Team Jinho in the building =). That's what happens when you hit the big 1-3. You get to live that good life. Travel the towns, staying in the finest, lol. That boy on that good Kanye status ;). I know he is in for a great weekend, and he gets to bring a friend. Go head on boy! Shoot, I might have to have YOU plan my next birthday weekend!

    Ha! Yes, I know how you feel about the cold. My co-workers who are from back east were looking at me like I was crazy when I was all excited to see the frost covering Orinda. It was beautiful, but I can totally understand how it is NOT beautiful to be trekking to school in slush up to your knees, lol.

    Giiirrrlll, I loved the book. So glad I bought it for myself, so glad that it was on the shelf that day. I needed what was in that book.