Sunday, December 5, 2010

Picking Up the Pieces

My Saturday morning surprise

The fact that its Sunday morning, and I'm here at work peering out at my car, which still has a backseat covered in glass, means that I obviously shut down at some point yesterday. The fact that my backseat is still covered in glass, and I am due at my company Christmas party this evening before picking Emma up, obviously means that I'm internally overwhelmed by this experience.

Although nothing was stolen or even touched, I feel an extreme sense of violation. I tend to shut down when my personal space and/or personal things are violated. I want the situation to be remedied immediately or it all just becomes too much. Seems silly, but for me, that's just the way it is sometimes. It could have been a LOT worse than what it is. The car could have not been there when I came out yesterday or it could have been a window other than the smallest that was busted out, however, it doesn't exactly make this easier for me because it just adds one more thing to my already full list of to-dos. I'm working this weekend, and working tomorrow, which leaves my window covered with plastic until Tuesday! Not cool. This would be a perfect time for a clone. To be able to push a button and have her appear. Close my eyes, and when they opened everything would be like it was before the neighborhood Crazy decided it would relieve his stress by smashing a couple of car windows.

According to the officer on the scene, that's who was responsible. Break ins are not unusual in the area either. The neighborhood fiends like to break in cars from time to time. I was hoping that it wouldn't be just a matter of time before they picked mine out of the bunch. Which is another thing about this situation that pisses me off. If you're gonna come along and bust my shit up, at least have a fucking reason behind it. I can completely understand if you were looking for some shit to steal, but damn, just because you saw it there and you couldn't control yourself? THAT is some bitchassness, to like, the millionth power. Anyhoo...

So now I am literally left to pick up the pieces, which are covering my child's car seat. Berkeley, we can't get back to you fast enough!


  1. Perfect time for a clone or some Bewitched powers! I'd take either! Damn, B...I know you had to be pissed. I would have been. I've had my car broken into before and they did take something. My whole damn stereo - the day after I came home with my baby from the hospital. That's some shit right there. Not to mention the night I told you about after the Broken Rack when I guess a rock hit the window the wrong way. They didn't take anything that night, but BOTH times I felt my blood boiling like I wanted to hurt somebody.

    Anyway...when the rear window was busted out, they came to the Village to fix it so I didn't have to take it anywhere. Unless you already have plans, they are in the phone book and can come to you. Was that on International Blvd.?

  2. Now that is just flat out wrong. Its amazing how people can so easily come into the space of others and just throw everything upside down. Shit just couldn't happen at the worst times either. I had no idea this kind of thing happened to you twice! In the words of Emma, "that's horrible!". That's what my baby said when she got in the car and saw the window. She was upset because it was on her side of the car, and then I was upset because she was upset. I had to keep reassuring her that I'd make it better.

    I called around for some quotes today. I'm looking at $255-$330 to repair it.

  3. So sorry this happened. It's so senseless and infuriating.

  4. Oh yeah, I would have been LIVID! I hope everything works out. People are so cruel and heartless at times. Sad.

  5. Thanks Kiianah, I'm sure it will all work out in its own time. I can't help but wish that time was now though, lol, damn neighborhood goons.