Saturday, December 4, 2010

Bits and Pieces

Each Thursday, for the past 5 weeks, we have been attending a class, in which we sit around in a group, without the kiddos, and listen to what the doctor has to tell us about conscious parenting. I like her, the doctor. She's unconventional. She has to be one of the most unorganized people in the world, yet extremely well put together in her thinking and delivery. Her approach is holistic, which I really dig. A nice break from those peer-over-their-glasses-at-you types. She's funny, yet serious, and she isn't afraid to be organic, which is a must when you realize that you've forgotten half your teaching materials at home. Each session just flows on its on, a collection of bits and pieces.

Last Thursday, the doctor asked me what I've gotten out of the class, the ways in which the class has helped me with my parenting. I struggled with the answer. Emma is only 7, so I clearly don't know all there is to know about parenting, however, I do feel that I kinda have this whole conscious parenting thing down. I am very much in tune with the little human being that once grew inside of me. Probably, even more now due to this journey we've been on for the past eight months. I struggled with the answer because I realize it is "me" that I am not in tune with. But that's nothing new.

I remember doing my grandmother's laundry, and noticing how many nice pieces she had. Remembering how, when I go to the store, I will often put everything I've picked for myself back, and end up over-buying for my daughter. Its not all about you anymore; The children come first. I never treat myself, I only buy out of necessity. And even when buying out of necessity I am trying to hit the best bargain possible, and grilling myself about if I really need those new underwear, or that new bra, or those work pants. Obviously I am also very conscious of putting everything and everyone else before my own needs.

Last week, as I removed my boots after work, I noticed why they don't quite wear the same.

I've literally walked the sole out of my boots.

So guess what goes on my list of things to buy?

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