Wednesday, November 24, 2010


- As I look at my latest crochet project, I'm trying not to feel defeated. If its not yet completed, why in the hell would it already look like what its supposed to be? Me and my need for instant gratification I guess. I would at least like it to appear to be going in the direction that I need it to. I'm gonna take a small break from it and come back to it after the holidays. In the meantime, a trip to Michael's is needed. I need new yarn in my space, a new kind of project on my hook... and some sun! So I can get pictures of the stuff that I've already made ::sips peppermint hot chocolate::

- Speaking of the fiber arts and new projects, its time to be out with the old and in the with new! Discounts and new pieces are coming soon to Baby Squares at ETSY!

- Turns out, the old lady couldn't let the turkey stay in the freezer afterall. Looks like we'll be heading to grandma's house for Thanksgiving dinner. I think this is just another step in her plan to stage an intervention between me and my granddaddy. This should be interesting.

- This whole re-housing thing is just rolling right along. I'm really amazed. Shoot, we could be settled in time to break out the ornaments and the tree!

- In a couple of hours, I'll be grabbing the girl, and we'll be heading back into the theater for Mommy Daughter Date take 2. Movie of choice: Tangled. She's really excited about seeing it, and I am excited about spending the afternoon with her, a couple of pretzels and a couple of ICEEs.

Let the fun begin!

I hope that you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving!


  1. Awww, I'm so happy for you two! Happy Thanksgiving to you both and try not to eat too much (I need to be telling myself this, lol!)

  2. @ Kiianah: Thank you! Girl, that's gonna be a hard one. So far so good though. I've stopped at plate number one. Gotta save room for sweet potato pie =).

    @ Debra: Thank you, same to you!

  3. A new move! Sooooooo suuuuuuuper exciting! A nice plant will be coming your way to adorn the new digs! GOOD things come to those who wait and you have certainly done that and are more than deserving of all this goodness coming your way. I guess since there's already love, then will come marriage and next little Kipenzin in a baby carriage! I mean why not? Everything else is moving right along...

    Tangled! How was it? I heard it's a very cute movie.

    Hope you enjoyed a wonderful Thanksgiving!


  4. LOL! We'll see...

    You heard right about Tangled. You know that your post about fairy tales was playing in my head while I watched it, right? I liked the way they presented the story though. It was cute and funny. Definitely wanna add it to the DVD collection when it hits.

    Hope you had a great Thanksgiving as well.