Thursday, December 9, 2010

In Baby Squares News...

Brimmed Beanies. Sizes 0-3mths and 6-12mths shown. Pattern courtesy of Crazy Socks Crochet.

I can cross another one off the list. Another pattern successfully read and executed, and well received, as I had just churned out a few samples of this hat and got 2 orders as soon as the photos hit the Baby Squares fan page on Facebook. Those hats are now warming their new owners heads! There is nothing greater than a happy customer, especially when that customer is a wee one.

I'm thinking of investing in a better camera soon. With this winter weather and my schedule, its just not possible to always get the best shots, in the best locations, exactly when I want them to be done. My camera does not take the best indoor pictures. But, I'm not gonna let that stop me from sharing my pieces or listing them. These hats are now available in the Facebook Storefront. I'm hoping to spend some more time with them as we head into winter break. Emma really wants one. I'll be finishing up the majority of my Christmas crafting, and making a few donation pieces too.

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