Monday, September 6, 2010

Closed for the Holidays

There is a very big part of me that wishes that the office was open today. Not because its an extremely stimulating place to be. I could have seriously fallen off my chair yesterday, overtaken by sheer boredom. I just simply desire to be there. I'm not thrilled that I will have a day of less pay on my next check. I want it all. This is how it is in the beginning. Completely dedicated to being comfortable in your new role - dedicated to making that new money. Unfortunately I wont be returning until Wednesday, where I will find a slightly different experience. Hopefully weekdays are just as low key as weekends.

This Labor Day, there wont be any grilling or gathering. Holidays haven't been the same for this family since 2005. I actually don't really know what a "real" family holiday is all about. Even when my great-grandmother was the center of family gatherings, they weren't really happy family gatherings. They were more along the lines of, "boy, I can't wait for them to leave" type of gatherings. I've always had the sense that my family is a collection of individual families, who work independently and only come together under circumstances of force or loss. We have never been a cohesive unit, at least not in my lifetime. Its even more evident now as I am planted in the home of my grandmother. All I want is to be away, back to my own.

So, instead of the traditional, I'll be spending the day getting this prepared for the week. Business as usual.

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