Friday, September 24, 2010

Getting Back in the Game

Ok, ok. I've really gotta get back to work. Folks are really interested in the hats. Wasn't I just talking about how I really needed to get them in the shop! The inquiries are lighting a fire beneath me. I hear ya, I hear ya... I'm movin', I'm movin' :)

I was just telling myself how I need to cure my yarn withdrawal with some new projects. I've been getting my research on. Looking into different granny square patterns, thinking of ways to bring new exciting pieces to Baby Squares. Also, thinking a lot about the ways that I want to present my shop. When people visit, what do I want them to see? What do I want them to find there? What exactly do I want to offer? So many have been in my ear about the things that I should be offering - just because they are crocheted, but I started this project with a specific focus, and deviating too much from that is a little overwhelming. And not that the suggestions have been bad or waaayyy off, they've been quite cute actually, I just have to really evaluate and figure out how/if I will incorporate them.

The more settled we become, the more time I can devote to growing and improving my business. Thank you all for your continued support, and for your interest! Please know that I really do love what I do, and am happy to share it with you.


  1. That's right! Keep your focus until you solidify your footing and then you can branch off!