Saturday, September 25, 2010

Rock Your Natural Bay Area

Natural Selection is getting ready to do it again! Time for all of the Bay Area kinky curlies to come together in celebration of our natural glory. The last event was so much fun. Meeting all of the ladies, networking, supporting each others businesses, and exposing my daughter to sisterhood at its finest. I am so glad that we had the opportunity to attended. I am going to make an effort to rearrange my work schedule so that we will be able to do it all over again.

If you are a Bay Area natural, we'd love to see you there!


  1. I wish I could be their I would attend. It would be an awesome birthday gift to myself since its on my Birthday the 23rd.

  2. Oh wow! That really would have been a great treat =). I'll have to remember to stop by and tell you happy birthday! If you're a Bay Area girl, don't worry, this is an on-going opportunity. Cassidy, the lady behind Natural Selection, is really passionate about natural hair, and about bringing naturals together. You'll have another chance to join the fun =)

  3. Take lots of pics! :) I may be able to spy some hairstyle inspiration for Yael.