Friday, September 3, 2010

A Week in Review

- I've gotten requests for 4 slouch hats this week. All stemming from the slouch hat and neck warmer that I made for Emma.

I'm excited about the possibility of this hat becoming a favorite at Baby Squares. I enjoy making them. I am going to start making more of an effort to promote Baby Squares. I need to start growing my brand, and a huge part of that is to start viewing it as a brand! Good thing I have great women artists such as Tameka of Pretty in Peace, Tie of Fly Tie Clothing, and Rachel Steward of Rachel Stewart Jewelry to look to as great examples of how things in the craft world should be done! Thank you ladies for leading the way.

- My 2 eyes are about to become 4. According to the findings of my eye exam, I have a renegade left eye. I figured that much, since my vision is a little blurry in that eye, and my migraines also start there. I have astigmatism, and a couple of tiny holes near the retina and blood vessel, along with Sarcoidosis. The doctor says that it appears to have been there for a while and wants to see me back in 6 months. Guess that's what happens when you go 10+ years without having your eyes checked. Ooops. I got a prescription for some glasses, which I am looking forward to. I have been dying for some cute readers (although the doc didn't recommend any reading glasses for me).

- I braved Back to School night and I'm glad I did. Emma's teacher is great. Its going to be a very different year than last. Her teacher this year is experienced, and is very confident about her curriculum. It doesn't hurt that she has a degree in Botany either. Emma loves science and math, the placement couldn't have been more perfect. I think she is going to walk away with some tremendous growth at the end of the year!

What have you been up to?

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