Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Three Ladies

We got a shot of this little lady in the school garden. She was soaking up the sunshine and comfort of this soft fuzzy plant. Emma likes to spend a lot of time in the garden, and she loves to walk me through, showing me all of her favorite edibles. She's known for making "weedos" - Sour Soil wrapped inside of a big yummy Dinosaur Kale leaf. I've often found her with green teeth after school from having access to all the weedos she desires.

I think my favorite plant in the garden has to be the producer of the deliciously sweet Ground Cherry.


These little surprises are addicting. Makes me wish I had the outdoor space to grow them. In the school garden, you are lucky to find any hiding beneath the foliage because they are always caressed by little fingers. As we approach Spring, and I get even more comfortable in my space, I am being pulled even more toward container gardening. I've seen some awesome gardens around the neighborhood, so I'm pretty sure that it wouldn't be too difficult to solicit a few friendly green thumbs.

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