Thursday, January 5, 2012

Next Week, Emma Rocks!

Now that Emma's getting older, I think its about time for her to branch out into some extra curricular activities. Its not that I've been dreading the "soccer mom" stage of parenting, its just that she has so many interests, it can be hard to narrow it down to just one or two passions.

Emma and I were out and about a few weeks ago, and passed by a guitarist who was rocking a kick ass solo. Emma's face lit up with excitement, and she asked me if she could share the "ice cream" money with him that she'd been clutching during our walk. I gave her the ok, and she skipped right over and dropped it into his hat. In that moment I was extremely proud of her for multiple reasons, and in that moment of hearing this man play, she felt a connection to him and needed to show her appreciation of his skill. That in and of itself rocks.

She's developed quite the love for the guitar. I think it speaks to her. If there is ever a guitar in sight she gravitates toward it, and has been known to proceed to strum, its physical invitation being the only permission she needs. As much as I would love to make one available to her here at home, there isn't a music fund growing around here. Thank goodness for organizations like Girls Rock, which provide the opportunity for girls to come together and learn from and play with female musicians.

For a season, girls get to learn an instrument with their peers, form a band, write an original song, and perform! How cool is that! Emma will be participating in their after school program once a week, but they also have a summer camp! If this sounds like something your elementary or high school girl might love, its worth doing a search for Girls Rock Camp, they have various organizations in different cities/states.

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