Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Back to Life, Back to Reality

Its been a while since I've mentioned how great natural hair is, so let me just say, natural hair is awesome! We haven't been doing much exploration or styling lately, but we are definitely growing strong. I can't believe that its been a year and a half since my second big chop! I did a little length check on Emma recently and we discovered that her hair is now "butt length" when stretched. Even when it seems like our routine isn't solid enough or really helpful, we still make nice progress. I'm feeling Kiki's hair resolutions for this new year. A little bit more structure ain't never hurt nobody. I NEED HAIR STRUCTURE! The locs forming at the end of my loose hair is my reminder that I have too much length to skip detangling on a regular basis. I'm a real 'wet it and forget it' kind of girl, but with more length comes more opportunity, and I'm ready to jump in and get some styling.

Emma went back to school yesterday, and the night before, I was trying to figure out what we could do with hair that had a fair amount of lint balls, with only an hour before bedtime. I decided to not make it harder than it needed to be. I took her four big plaits and put them into ponytails and then created a semi-veil style with the front ponytails by banding them to the back ponytails. I didn't use any product on her hair, just spritzed with water and brushed. No need to bring further attention to pesky lint balls with a bunch of product slapped on top of them. We were pretty happy with this neat concoction that is capable of holding for a couple of days until we are ready to shampoo.


  1. So makes me wish I could go back to scratch. Beautiful hair. And now we KNOW what "good hair" is, dammit!

  2. Yes! Good hair is HEALTHY HAIR. Boo to all the people in our lives who've once told us otherwise! And to the master braidest, ummm... I am gonna require some in the not so distant future. Thanks :)

  3. i could definitely use some hair structure in my life. 2012 will make 9 yrs. that i've been natural, and i got lazy around year 2. :-/

    emma's hairstyle here reminds me of one of my favorite ones when i was a child. cute!

    and yes...good hair is healthy hair!

  4. Ok, so that explains why I'm not combing my hair these days Tie, lol. I don't wanna do nothing to this stuff. Just give me a water bottle and the leg of some old stockings and I'm GREAT! Change for me is adding a hair accessory, LOL. We will make it through this!!! We. Will. Style. Hahahahaha