Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Redefining 'The List'

I don't know about you, but my life revolves around lists. I make them for EVERYTHING. Grocery shopping, things that I need to get done, random thoughts swimming around in my head, bills that need to be paid, whatever you can think of, I've probably made a list for it or of it. It just helps me to be able to see things more clearly, kinda like being able to see the bigger picture of a day/week/month/experience. And still, a couple of days ago I had a 'list' aha moment.

I was reading Lisa Nichols' article, Go From Stressed to Blessed, in this month's issue of Essence Magazine. Out of her list of ten ways to achieve transformation in the new year, it was the 2nd suggestion that really struck a cord with me.

START WITH YOUR "ALREADY DONE" LIST. What did you accomplish in 2011? When were you at your strongest, and what lessons did you take from those experiences? ... Focusing on what you did well will give you the momentum to create the life you most want to have in the new year.

This really sounds like a no-brainer, but out of all the lists that I've made, I don't think I've ever created one to showcase the things that have gotten done. When something on a To-Do list is completed, it just gets checked off or crossed out, which made me realize that by doing so, those achievements are just forgotten - replaced by the next thing to-do. There really isn't any effort to let a 'job well done' marinate. Well, I've heard you Ms. Nichols and that practice stops now.

Grab yourself some post-its and create your own list of accomplishments!


  1. That is really kick-ass. I have never given a single thought to documenting those items accomplished and that's so pivotal because w/o doing so is how so many people get caught up in everything that's wrong with their lives. Very important to take the time to reflect on what is right and 'things accomplished' are definitely what's right. Great share. Good luck with your new approach to life. It's great.

  2. That's a wonderful list of accomplishments. Congratulations Official Social Scientist! Happy New Year to you, Barbara, and your daughter! May health, happiness, and prosperity follow you always!

  3. @Traci: It really is Sis. Sometimes we never see the end of our to-do lists, so it just becomes this endless list of responsibilities/demands on our lives. But it really is a little less stressful when we can take a minute to sit back and really look at what we did get accomplished. Its kind of a motivator to make the accomplishments list as endless as the to-do.

    @Deb: Thanks so much! I'm sending the same wishes to you. Can't wait to see what beauty you create next :)

  4. So TRUE, Sis. It's definitely made me strategize on the way I will approach things. I am grateful! I'll keep you posted on MY changes :-)