Monday, January 9, 2012

Fingerless Gloves

Emma has been asking me to "learn" how to make fingerless gloves for what feels like forever. I always admire the gloves and wrist warmers that others make when I look at their blogs or Etsy shops. Since its pretty nippy outside during our morning walks to school, I thought now would be a good time to give them a try. I have to say, I'm liking it, and I think that Emma will too. She has a new scooter coming soon, and these will help her keep warm while still having the full use of her hands.

Since this is my first attempt, I've made one for her to try on. If all is well, I'll get the other whipped up and she'll be all set. I'm pretty sure that she will want a matching hat for these babies, and I'm fixated on legwarmers. She loves tights, so I think legwarmers could become a nice addition for her during this time of year. I think they'd also look very cute with her skinny jeans. I'm getting excited!

Have you been creating lately? Do share :)

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