Sunday, November 21, 2010

Chasing the Holidays

I'd almost forgotten just how much I love bows. It's what I spend the most of my time on when I'm doing holiday gift wrapping. I'll surround myself with a bag of the colorful adhesive kind, like a little kid, picking through them, matching them up with my wrapping paper selections. Then I'll grab some ribbon and a pair of scissors, curling away for the finishing touches.

I'd also forgotten that learning how to make them with yarn was on my to-do list, until I came across the Creative Yarn blog. Homegirl makes some really cute stuff, and is generous enough to share her patterns. I am more of a video tutorial girl, which is why I completely failed the first time around at making this cute headband, but I eventually got it! For practice, I added one to my hats.

Since we have officially entered the slow season here in the office, I had plenty of time to try, try, try until I got it just right.

Last night I whipped up a couple in Wine and Berry. They are really cute and functional. I am hoping to add these to Baby Squares for the holidays. In between churning out some beanies for my little boys (my shop is really quite sexist isn't it?).

What do you think?


  1. Very cute and stylish! Ms. Barbara you are just working it over there with your talented self. I always wanted to learn to crochet and knit, I'm so impatient when it comes to learning anything new that requires patience. Lol. These will be a hit!

  2. LOL! Kiianah, we are speaking the same language. I get so discouraged with reading patterns because I think I feel like I should get it the first time, and that it should be just fabulous. Doesn't always work like that, lol. I tried making a simple beanie/skull cap last night and the thing was horrible. I couldn't even get it on my head. How do you mess up something that only has one stitch!! LOL. A hot mess. I'm on the look out for more beanie patterns so I can get my little boys warmed. I'm thinking Newsboy hats. If you like brims, look out for them soon (IF I can get the pattern right, lol).

  3. I'm not a bow type of girl, but the look is really cute. You are just doing all kinds of creativity wit yo' bad self! Keep up the good work!

  4. Thanks Sis. I don't like too much change, but trying new things can be fun =)

  5. I love it and I'm filled with envy!!! That has to be so much fun...I love crochet hats, scarves, name it! I really need to learn.. you are doing an amazing job!