Monday, November 1, 2010

Week In Review

- This week, I will have officially been with my new office for 2 months. I am really enjoying my time here. I am learning, growing and applying. This is definitely a stepping stone position, but one that came at the perfect time, with the perfect amount of responsibility, the perfect amount of freedom, and the perfect mix of personalities. I came into this place, thinking that my role here would be one dimensional, but instead found myself submerged within a setting of information, resources and support. Not bad for a part time "gig".

- I'm still a little in awe of the things that Baby Squares has been doing. I don't think I ever expected to be so widely received. To be liked and "liked" so well. The fans have been growing, business has been booming nationally, and my little fingers and bits of yarn have been doing a constant dance of warmth making. I have been learning how to enjoy the success and to question it a little bit less. I have been forced by my wonderful supporters to view myself as a business owner. As the days go by, and the sales continue, becoming a brand seems a little less scary.

- I've been riding dirty for at least 6 months now, and thankfully my lawlessness comes to an end tomorrow! I will march into the DMV, hand over my proofs of this and that, retrieve my expensive little sticker and do the running man straight up outta there! We will officially be able to make longer distance trips again!

- This month, my TWA will turn 6 months old too! Yippie!! That will be a milestone for me. The first TWA only made it to month 5 before stress drove my head into the hands of the barber. Not this time though. This time, the curls are in for the long haul. I'm on my way to Emma status! I've been thinking protective styling, and on my next weekend off, I'm going to give myself some finger coils. I chickened out the first time I attempted them, but I'm going to stretch, break out the gel and put my fingers to work.

- One of my house mates pulled me to the side a couple of weeks ago, and told me that I was much too nice to be there. I told her that we all were.

What's been up with you?


  1. I'm very happy to hear this! And I knew Baby Squares wuold be received in such a positive and "booming" manner! Keep it up lady!

  2. I'm beaming for you right now. I had no doubts about your success with your gift. None whatsoever so I am extremely proud of you. I told you that this was your year and I don't see that slowing down any time soon. It shows as well in your persona...there's a shine and I'm sure that Purple Rain is not solely to blame :-)

    Love ya!