Monday, November 22, 2010

Notes to Emma

Maybe they're just really good friends.

Maybe Little Miss M is just really affectionate.

(name of the affectionate one has been removed from love notes art work)


  1. ::Awkward laughter:: How old are the little people? ::Scratches head:: So...neurotic me is wondering if "M" might be experiencing unpleasantries of a sexual nature at home-second grade (per your tag) is early even for a progressive mama like me. Is there perhaps some cultural difference I'm missing?

  2. This might just be a developmental thing. One of my girls has been exchanging drawings with another little girl. Although they don't have messages, they are little expressions of feeling -like Valentines. I was informed yesterday that the 1st graders are not allowed to say they love each other at school or write I love you messages. When I asked them about it, they said there was a lot of that happening so the teachers made a new rule. B also informed me that saying I love you at school isn't "sanitary"

    How does Emma feel about getting this love note?

  3. @ T: Yes friend, there is a cultural difference. I'm not 100% sure what Little Miss M's heritage is, maybe Mexican/Latina or maybe Colombian, I'm thinking somewhere on the Latin side. Looking at the pictures and thinking culture, I wanted to think in terms of air kisses and hugs? But of course there is the side of me that wonders more.

    @ Katie: Wow. So, "I love you" is a dirty phrase when exchanged between two children? Lol. That's pretty heavy. I haven't really talked to Emma about the notes yet Katie. I did briefly mention one of them when it fell out of her backpack. I had already seen all of them before hand when I went to clean out her backpack, but I didn't ask her about them because I wanted to approach it in the right way. When the note fell from her backpack, I asked her what it was and she told me that it was top secret (as in secret agent), that she could not show me because it was only for her and her friends to see. I wanted to then sit her down to talk to her about it, but decided to wait a while longer to see if Miss M gives her any more drawings. I was searching her expressions. She was very smiley, not ashamed or afraid, but very clear that her top secret notes were not for me to read.

    I thought I'd throw these pictures and notes out here before I talk to her.

  4. Lol, my B likes to use big words but she doesn't always get the context right. I think she confused recent talk about germs with the new I love you rule.

    The secretive aspect of this makes me pause a bit. It makes me wonder if it adds a concerning dimension to this that needs to be addressed, or if it is just about kids having secrets to try out their growing independence.

  5. Oh ok, well that makes me feel better, lol. "I love you" as dirty made me a little sad at first.

    I hear ya. I guess I'll never get down to the bottom of what it all means until I have a little heart to heart with Emma. I'll keep you ladies posted!

  6. Love is a good thing! That she is being adored is to be cherished right? I look forward to the follow up. I know nothing of 2nd grade girls!

    Had Sam's first conference today! Lord. It was all good. Happy Happy to you and yours.

    Mama C

  7. Yes, love is grand and wonderful. She's kinda hard not to love =). We spoke a bit and so far no red flags... we'll take more this weekend and I'll be back to share.