Saturday, August 27, 2011

Mi Barrio

Admittedly, I'm not too crazy about my new digs - even though we've officially been here for 8 months. I've wrestled with a huge lack of comfort, tried to get creative with a huge lack of storage space, and battled anxiety around having to be that neighbor a time or two. Bottom line is that I've been picky. While Emma has settled in nicely with a complex of new friends, I've spent the majority of the time griping because this transition left me without the unrealistic perfection I was seeking. My casa of gold at the end of el arco iris was supposed to include a cute little private patio where I could grow my container garden in peace, and a place to tuck my Christmas decorations away, and a golden silence in the midnight hour. This place: not so much. However, on the heels of a day long fiesta de cumpleanos, it is obvious that this place is definitely not lacking in community.


  1. That garden is coming Mama! And I am so glad there is community in good ways too! Today the boys had a play date at a home that is 10X nicer/bigger/newer than ours. I felt so less than when I came in. It was crazy. Then I dumped that and enjoyed so much the friendship with the Mama and her boys with mine. (Sorry I just went off there). Anyway--just feeling you!

  2. Not off at all Mama. I so get the feeling. That initial shock happens, and we either stay stunned or we shake it off in time to enjoying the experience - you enjoyed the experience :) I try to remind myself to do that more often. Hope the playdates keep coming!!