Tuesday, August 30, 2011

A Day of Firsts

Today marks the two hundred and second post here in this space, and the very first day of 3rd grade, at a brand new school, for Emma. I gotta say, its looking mighty good. Based on the warm welcome alone, I want to strongly believe that this year is going to rock. I got a great vibe from parents and staff this morning as I made my way around the auditorium, looking over PTA information and after-school classes. I even ran into a few mommy friends. Turns out, there will be more familiar faces around campus than we'd both originally thought. 30 more minutes of learning to go, and then I get to hear all about her big first day! I'm anticipating hearing all about her reunion with an old friend who she'll be sharing a class with this year. Looks like I'd better brace myself for all of those future playdate requests!

Back to school means back to the days of having an empty house for a few hours. As I reflected on this earlier today, I realized that its actually been a while. I used my alone time wisely by making a little welcome-home-from-your-day-of-firsts gift for my big girl.

This will be perfect for tomorrow morning's walk to school!


  1. Barbara, what a super Mommy you are:) I bet she had a lot to share and probably a bit surprised and happy with her gift:):)

  2. Thanks Kala! She was very happy with her hat, and wore it for the rest of the day :)