Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Up Close and Personal

I went and did it. And now my brain is literally laid across my backseat, wrapped in a neat package, waiting to be viewed by my doctor. It was an interesting experience, being stuffed into that narrow tube, with the song of machinery ringing through my earplugs. A necessary experience. One that will bring me some kind of peace within the next 9 days. I'm sure there isn't anything in there that shouldn't be, nothing out of the ordinary churning in my matter. I just need to be sure. Sometimes, it just isn't enough for a doctor to tell you that you're fine without a proper assessment. Sometimes, you just have to take the extra steps to make sure. I feel a little less stressed now that I've done that.

On to the fun stuff.


  1. Good, glad you made the right decision. As always, you know you're in my prayers.

  2. Thanks Kiianah. Emma thinks the fact that I have pictures of my brain are really cool :). We both wanna see what they look like!

  3. Yes, it is a different experience for sure. Hope they get to the root of the problem.