Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Self Preservation: Reconnecting

Samsung Vibrant

It was just a matter of time before it had to happen. I just could not possibly go on, in this day and age, flipping a SideKick around. Today, having a SideKick is kind of equivalent to having a Nokia! Its one of those phones that used to be hot, but has now simply seen its days. There is only so much that it can still do in this world of apps. Its been great to me over the years, but as I navigate spaces that are poorly connected, and encounter places beyond my reach, its clear that the SideKick and I have outgrown each other. Enter: Samsung Vibrant. Its a DROID and it surely does kick my old Kick's ass. That whole not being able to blog on the spot because of the weak wifi signal problem I was having? Solved. I can now blog on the go with my Blogger app. No more hustling to print out directions before taking a trip, I can just use my Maps app to get the directions that I need. And it comes with the movie Avatar preloaded, which works when you have a bored kid in the backseat. Compared to what I was working with, this phone rocks, and makes life on the go a bit more convenient.

All a part of my journey toward self preservation. At the end of the day, a business woman needs a business phone. That is what I say to myself when I start rethinking whether I should have made the investment, which really wasn't that big of an investment thanks to smart shopping.

Have you gotten any new toys for yourself lately?


  1. Happy new phone!

    Would you believe that I haven't had any kind of cell phone in over four years? I have an actual landline. It seems weird even to me. I have a serious case of iPhone envy though every time my husband gets a cool new app. I might have to break down and get one. Someday.

  2. No, I think that's good Katie. Once you become connected, let me tell you, you will not want to go a day without it. Not getting sucked in isn't always a bad thing, lol. If you do happen to get your iPhone though, I know you're gonna love it!!

  3. I was just thinking of upgrading. I have a Blackberry Tour, while it is great and all, I know there are better phone babies out there for me. I am glad you have the added benefits of a better phone.

  4. Thanks Janelle. See, I never even upgraded to the Blackberry =/. When I did my last upgrade, I upgraded to another SideKick, that was supposed to be so much better and fasted and cooler because it had 3G. It was a load of bull. It was no more better or faster and definitely no more cooler than the one I had before. Upgrading was a complete waste of money. This time I sat on the idea of upgrading to the Vibrant until I could get the best deal, and after I could see if it was really all that great. I'm pretty satisfied with it so far.