Thursday, January 6, 2011

Leo Tufurahi Hakuna Matata

"Today let us be happy, there are no problems"
From Swahili song Jambo Bwana

When you are one of those luckiest-unlucky people, there are always problems, but, well, you know...

If we're Facebook friends, then you may have noticed me mention a little something about being rear-ended on the freeway on my way "home" from picking up Emma from school yesterday. Literally the last thing that anyone needs to happen at the end of their day. Luckily, the only injury was to my bumper, but I walked away from the ordeal angry and disgusted. Sitting with the fact that, not only did the whole thing occur because a driver was not paying attention to the road while driving in commuter traffic, but he spent the entire time trying to talk me out of reporting it to his insurance agency. He was damn near begging me not to, telling me that my damages could be buffed out, we could handle things on our own, and this and that. The more he pleaded, the angrier I became. I'm on the side of the road, on a dark busy freeway, with a child in the backseat, and this dude is talking to me about insurance premiums! He could have killed us. He could have hurt my child. When it comes to her safety, all bets are off and the gloves come on. As with most immediate events that I have little control over, I wanted the whole thing to stop and just disappear. I kept looking at my baby, while digging through my purse to retrieve my pen, to get information that he was not trying to give me. So, first he hits me, then insults me by telling me how I should remedy the damages that he caused, and then insults me again by trying to talk his way out of giving me his information. Thank God for tough kids, quick thinking, and my ability to overthink situations. Had Emma shed one tear, this guy's ass would have gotten handed to him in a hand basket!

I really don't like to feel like I'm being taken advantage of in any situation. My thinking becomes a little devious then, because I wont be played willingly. I feel like this guy was really trying to play me, and play me hard. He was trying to dust off the debris and get the hell out of dodge without fully taking responsibility for what he could have done to a mother and her child. Bastard!

Thankfully, other plans were in the cards. So, we get to live AND drive another day.

Impromptu Puff

Notice anything funny in the pictures?


  1. Those, I did something wrong but "we don't need to call our insurance companies" or "your not going to call the police, are you?" type of people suck. I'm glad you are both okay and so sorry you had to deal with that at the end of a long day (or any day for that matter).

    And Emma is cute and funny.

  2. Thanks Katie! Yes, those people really do suck. Hopefully we wont ever have to experience anything like that again.

    Emma reminded me of those scenes where there will be this random person in the background, doing silly things while a news reporter is reporting, lol. She always makes everything all better.

  3. That guy does suck but good for you in standing your ground and getting the info that you needed.

    Your puff looks beautiful!

    Your daughter is so cute and I love her puff too!

  4. whew! i swear...if there's one thing that I also CAN'T STAND it's when someone trys to play me, take advantage of me, or take me for stupid.

    *recently went off on a lady at the DMV for this reason. and i am not really one to go off, " but...grrrr!!*


    well, glad y'all were physically unharmed.
    that first pic after the commentary made me laugh. you'vr got that "sho nuff" look.

    lol @ emma!