Saturday, January 15, 2011

I Think It's Safe to be Excited

There have been all kinds of processes - progressive processes, but processes nonetheless, but I think it's finally safe. According to yesterday's meeting with management, Operation Nyumbani commences in 3 days! The sun is finally breaking through the clouds. No more shared living of the forced kind. I swear, I'm gonna feel just like Amy Merrick! There is truly nothing like having your very own space. As the assurance sinks in, I am going to try not to allow myself to become too overwhelmed by the details. As much of a joy this move is for Emma and I, let's be real, we all know that moving is hardly ever a joy. To my benefit, my storage space is small, and there aren't that many heavy pieces, but the particulars are still gonna be tiresome. I'm ready! And thanks to this holiday weekend, I just may be able to pull off my "surprise" without much difficulty. Stay tuned...

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