Monday, January 3, 2011

Back to Business

Sadly, vacation time has come to an end and its back to hitting the hay so that we can hit the road. That 6am alarm wasn't as painful as I thought it would be - it still left a sting though. I'm looking forward to the mornings were I get to turn that alarm clock waaaaay back because there will be no traffic to fight. Luckily, a little night prep got us out and on our way, arriving way ahead of schedule. So far so good.

A part of our night prep included hair. Since we hadn't really tended to hair in a week or so, Emma had two big dry braids the night before the return to school. I had planned to get her washed and styled over the break, but we were moving and shaking. No worries for us. Nothing a little Organics Root Stimulator Shea Butter Detangling Moisturizer Lotion and a simple banded style couldn't fix.

We just threw on her satin bonnet and she was good to go this morning. As for my hair, its growing pretty nicely. As it grows, I will be paying more attention to it and giving it more attention. My laid back lifestyle lends to a dry head some times. With this brisk winter air, I am sitting up and taking notice that I could be doing a whole lot better with moisturizing both my and Emma's hair. On on it! I'd really like to rock another puff soon, so I think I might do a blow out, assuming I remember where I packed the dryer =/ Either way, I'll be doing a length check soon. I love taking in my hair's progress, especially since I started out bald!

How was your first day back in action?


  1. Okay, I did not realize Emma had soooo much hair, lol. I am very interested in seeing the results when you take the bands off if you don't mind sharing with us??

    My first day back in action, I actually made it to work ON TIME! Lol, great way to start off the new year!

  2. Love that style on your daughter! I might have to copy that later this week. I'm wondering if you have any advice on how you got your daughters hair to grow so long? What texture is it?

    Thanks! Happy New Year!

  3. @ Kiianah: Yes girl, she has LOTS of hair, enough to be a part of your Bad Azz Afros series, lol!! My hair was identical to her's at that age. Long, thick and healthy, and then you know the story, grandma took me down to the beauty shop, where the beautician applied a perm over the course of TWO DAYS and my hair broke off. I'll have to dig around for some throw back pics so I can show you. I can definitely post some pics when I remove the bands. It'll probably look a little similar to when she has a twist out. Good job for making it to work on time!! =)

    @ Proudmama: Thank you! I'm thinking that she has 4B textured hair, same as me and Happy Girl Hair's Little B. You know, I think I literally really noticed her length overnight. We were in the middle of a detangling session one night and as I was detangling and stretching her hair I realized just how long it had gotten. Last we checked, it was waist length stretched. Since I am so bad at routines (ie, regular wash and style schedules) I'm thinking the key factor to her length is low manipulation. We'll do a style and leave it in for a long time, a style such as plaits or box braids (her last box braids were in for like 7 weeks! LOL) or twists or ponytails. We just don't usually style every week or even wash ever week (longest period in between washing was 6 months!!). I guess with low tension styling, low manipulation of the hair and probably good nutrition, it just grew.

    As I learn more about natural haircare, and gain more confidence in trying new styles, and as she has her own hairstyle requests, we do more styling. With not a lot of product build up in her hair we are shooting for a wash schedule of twice a month (every two weeks), we are still lucky to do once a month =).

    I did have some fear that I had "neglected" her hair (not washing for 6 months), but when I took her to the salon for the first time for a trim the stylist was saying how healthy her hair was, and her ends were not that bad. I'm sure that everything that you are doing will produce a nice head of hair, the key is to retain the length when it comes. Emma is proof that those protective styles really do work, lol.

  4. That's great to know! My daughter is a 4b and she will be thrilled to know that it's possible for her hair to grow that long. It'll just take patience on her part and mine. I think that I do manipulate her hair too much. I style it every week or so and co-wash it every week. I have a hard time getting any styles to last longer than 2 weeks though as her poor scalp gets the itchies and she has fine hair with a bunch of straight hairs in amidst the beautiful tight coils that seem to fly out of any braids.

    Are there certain hair products that you like using on Emma's hair?

    Thanks for your tips!


  5. I know exactly what you mean Courtney! I get itchy scalp too if my hair is confined to a style too long. Something about my scalp needing to breath I think. There is absolutely nothing wrong with weekly styling and washing/co-washing, we just don't because it doesn't fit in with our lifestyle. I don't think that's too much manipulation at all. What ever works the best for you and your daughter's hair and scalp. If you were doing full out daily styling then I think it might be too much manipulation. I'm gonna have to be patient right along with you as I watch my hair grow too, lol.

    There is probably only one set product that we can not live without, and that is the Organic Root Stimulator Shea Butter Detangling Moisturizing Lotion. Love that stuff. It gets through Emma's tangles beautifully. We are using the last of some Bee Mine samples, and an Organix shampoo and Suave conditioner. I'll check the names and get back to you. I'm definitely no hair care expert, and we definitely don't do nearly as much as we probably should be doing, but the bare minimum that I've been doing has been going well. I do want to get down some staple products and care routines for the both of us in this new year.

  6. Organics Root Stimulator Shea Butter Detangling Moisturizer Lotion - Hair lotion is a great way to keep my hair moisturized. I have had luck with a few different hair lotions and decided it was time to try another one. I heard that olive oil can be good for your hair and opted to purchase the hair lotion with olive oil in it. I bought the Organic Root simulator Olive Oil moisturizing hair lotion for about 5 dollars. It was an 8.5 oz bottle. The cap is a twist on cap, but has a little push nozzle where the lotion can come through a tiny hole. This lotion can be kind of oily in spots and not others, so it is important to make sure it is shaken up before each use. This way my hair can get moisturized all the way through and not just is certain spots. It is like a cheap body lotion as it comes out. It is creamy, but loose and perfect for working into the hair.

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  7. Hey there intel. I've tried the Olive Oil lotion before and I wasn't as crazy about it as I am about the Shea Butter one. Maybe because it was thicker, or maybe I just didn't give it that much of a chance. It would probably be a really good addition for this brisk weather! I like the Shea Butter lotion because it detangles, but your absolutely right about the level of oil in the Olive Oil lotion. I may have to give it another try!