Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Chasing, Rebirth, Metamorphosis

From my Writing Ourselves Whole writings:

Chasing metamorphosis, chasing metamorphosis, chasing metamorphosis.  Emphasis on the chasing and less on the metamorphosis.  I do an awful lot of chasing.

You gotta crawl before you walk, start at the bottom and work your way up.  But what if one rolled before the walking, or started in the middle and climbed to the top?

Metamorphosis is to rebirth as chasing is to... well, chasing.  Yes, I do an awful lot of chasing.

The clicking in my mind of the rebirth is taking its own sweet time.  Therefore, I chase.  Probably in the wrong damned direction because that beautiful mosaic of possibility has not opened, but remained closed.  I want to do better and be better and have better.  I should know better.

It's completion that's the real problem.  That very last class that officially earns the degree, the reorganization of my household, the continued journey of passions, the permanent residence in the past and future.  The present takes a backseat because I'm still chasing.

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